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 A veteran member gains the "Recognised" status in their rank. A veteran member gains the "Recognised" status in their rank.
 +===== Noteworthy Members =====
 +==== Miao Yan ====
 +  * Title: [Recognised Member of Combat]
 +  * Gender: Female
 +  * Race: Bloxkin
 +  * Age: 17
 +  * Residence: Beta Union Base
 +A cheerful and optimistic Bloxkin who has been part of the Beta Union for a year, becoming a [Recognised Member of Combat]. She sticks to being a Mage. She rarely wants to talk about her past, nor does anyone else associated with her.
 +==== Cella ====
 +  * Title: [Recognised Member of Logistics]
 +  * Gender: Female
 +  * Race: Android
 +  * Age: ??
 +  * Residence: Beta Union Base
 +A wise Android that prefers accounting and logistics rather than combat on the frontlines. Years of handling storage for various items from Beta Union members has helped Cella recognise almost anything you give her.
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