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This wiki is far from complete, but I will not be opening registrations and enabling editing until I get the game to a more complete state. Once available, editing will require you to register for an account. I understand that one of the benefits of a wiki is that anyone can edit them, but anonymous vandalism is a PITA to deal with.

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Initus City

A city of aspirations. The city has been the subject of frequent Corrupter attacks that don't appear to have any obvious motives other than to destroy.

Point of Origin

Beta Union - some of the protectors of the universe, serving under the Alpha Nation. Who knew that on this day that Beta Union would appear at your home city known as Initus? Many assumed that part of Beta Union was stopping for patrol reasons, but it was for a far deadlier reason.

The starting road of the Point of Origin quest Upon waking up and looking out the window, you find that an unknown threat is attacking the city in the middle of the night. Hologram billboards that usually display advertisements have changed to display a Emergency Evacuation warning, guiding citizens on where to go.

Luckily enough your apartment isn't too high up and the amount of stairs you have to run down is a small amount.

After sliding open the entrance door and stepping outside, the damage is instantly apparent. The currently heavy rain pools inside the craters in the steel road caused by explosions and buildings all around are on fire.

The elevator that would normally take you down to the ground appears to be no longer working, as the platform has fallen off the energy beam that carries it up and down. It's quite a distance, but nothing fatal. You drop down off the ledge and land as best you can. It did hurt a little, but you're alright.

To the left of you, the road that is usually open has been blocked off with the remains of a neighbouring building. The opposite direction however is more promising, as not only is the path clear, but there is also a lone weak, yet alive Beta Union initiate.

“T-take th-th-this visor. It'll guide you to someone who can help you. Quick, before they find you!”

A Beta Union OSM? These On-Screen Manager visors can be used to view vital information about their users as well as fellow teammates and the environment. It's a vital piece of equipment for battle, especially since it allows Beta Union members to materialise weapons and other items from their own dedicated storage.

Whilst you're examining the headpiece, you suddenly hear a… chicken? Upon turning around and doing a closer inspection, the chicken appears to be made out some strange dark physical energy. Yeah, a big chicken. It doesn't match your height, but it's certainly bigger than a regular one.

The OSM pops up a small window at the top left, and in it you can see the name of this enemy; the name says “Telken”. Below the name, there is a section which says the text “Weakness:” and to the right, you can see a green icon.

While you can't take the current situation seriously (of the big chicken), the fiery background is enough to get you fired up. Out of instinct, you don the visor, and information suddenly fills your vision. The box to the left of your vision shows that you have 40% health; were you not getting enough exercise?

Right as you're debating whether you should of had that big bag of crisps before sleeping, the chicken makes a sudden charge at you. Again, the absurdity of this makes you pause for a moment, but you relise that you have the OSM - you can materialise a weapon!

Using the power of thought, you tell the OSM to give you a weapon - any weapon it can, and in your hand, you find a short yet wide blade. The blade is made out of some glowing physical energy; can this affect this strange enemy?

With a few landed shashes of the blade, the Chicken disappear​s and drops a green box. You pick it up, and it disappears. Turns out that the Monoheal that you picked up was transferred to your storage by the OSM - how convenient!

After dealing with the walking joke of an enemy, you carry on walking, hoping that you find anyone else.

After walking a short distance, you find a part of the road that has collapsed, revealing a tunnel. Since the rest of the road has been blocked off by yet another collapsed building, the only way forward is to go down, into the tunnel at least.

Right before you go to jump down into the tunnel, you can see another “Telken”. It hasn't noticed you yet; it's a good time for a surprise attack.

You summon the blade, but when you're trying to hold it in a good position, you accidentally press a button. Suddenly the blade disappears and a trigger pops out the side. Did it just turn into a different weapon?

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