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This wiki is far from complete, but I will not be opening registrations and enabling editing until I get the game to a more complete state. Once available, editing will require you to register for an account. I understand that one of the benefits of a wiki is that anyone can edit them, but anonymous vandalism is a PITA to deal with.

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An area within the Fringes dimension that was used to travel long distances in a short amount of time over 100 years ago. Alpha Nation's earlier long-range teleportation relied on anything being teleported going through this section of the Fringes. Compared to the main dimension, the Warpscape is much smaller.

Nowadays, the Warpscape is no longer used, as safer and more direct methods of long-range teleportation have been discovered.

Previous visits to the Warpscape however have revealed that after 100 years of being unused, outlandish structures have started appearing in there from an unknown source. It is not known if they are a threat.

Grid of Gates

Neverending grid of stone cubes with metal gates in them. Topside is light, underside is darkness.

Marble Terminal

Standing Illusions

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