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This wiki is far from complete, but I will not be opening registrations and enabling editing until I get the game to a more complete state. Once available, editing will require you to register for an account. I understand that one of the benefits of a wiki is that anyone can edit them, but anonymous vandalism is a PITA to deal with.

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Weapon Type Guide

Beta Union has a wide range of weapons that suit various different classes and situations. Each are useful in their own way, but they also have various weaknesses.

It is also no secret that many of these weapon types are “inspired” by some other peace-keeping organsation's weapons, but supposadly no-one knows what organisation that is. As long as these weapons give results, that won't be a concern, for now at least.

Standard Weapon Types



Greatswords are the signature weapon type of Knights, and are giant swords that are used with two hands. Unlike regular one-handed swords (which are considered to be redundant by Beta Union), they are slow to swing, but are one of the most powerful melee weapon types ever created by Beta Union. Using the shift action allows you to block attacks from the front. The gear gauge increases by dealing damage, but empties over time. The higher the gauge, the faster you swing the sword.

The Gear gauge for this weapon is Adrenaline. As damage is dealt, Adrenaline is accumulated and increases the charging speed of Greatsword Grand Arts as well as damage of both normal attacks and Grand Arts. This drains over time.


Partisans are large spears that you can spin around, stab and slash with. They are most effective when fighting single enemies. Using the shift action allows you to block attacks from the front!

The Gear gauge for this weapon is Courage. Animations after attacks, Grand Arts and during Guarding accumulate Courage, which extends the reach of certain Grand Arts. Usage of these Grand Arts drains Courage.


Pikes are long pointed rods that are built primarily for stabbing. Unlike partisans, you thrust them to inflict knockback and pierce through enemy defences. They can also be thrown with certain Grand Arts.



Rifles are the signature weapon type of Slingers. They have a long firing range and the bullets take little time to travel through the air and hit their target. Special bullets can be fired via the use of Grand Arts.


Burstguns are modified shotguns that are best used at close range as they aren't very accurate. The shrapnel fired from the shells do provide great firepower that can bring down the toughest of enemies and deal significant damage. For those who like to take risks and be rewarded for taking them, this weapon is for them.


Launchers fire heavy-duty explosive shells that explode on contact, and can also cause an array of status debuffs and effects. These can hit hard, but it's difficult to hit fast moving targets with the shells as they travel slowly.


Piles are Launchers modified to be the signature weapon for Vanguards. Instead of firing explosive shells, they instead fire special spears that stick into enemies. These can be detonated from a distance, causing additional damage. Piles are mainly intended for larger targets. They can also be used as an effective melee weapon, as the attached blade can deal powerful stabbing damage.

Bullet Bows

When Beta Union combined the power of Grand Energy with the punch of a compound bow, Bullet Bows were the result. Vanguards can use these special bows to fire arrows made of Grand Energy at great speeds. The basic attack can be charged, which draws back the bowstring further, increasing its range and power.



Rods are the signature weapon of Mages, and are used by them to enhance their magic power. They can be used as a (weak) striking melee weapon to quickly restore Grand Points, but by charging a spell and then dodging, the charged spell will be stored into the Rod. This costs no Grand Points to cast, and the spell will retain it's charge.

The Gear gauge for this weapon is Lore. As spells from the same element are cast together in a combo, their power increases. While casting a spell with a different element will reset Lore, the spell will have a reduced GP cost.


Have you ever needed to cast a close-range spell from far away, or needed to heal/buff somebody else from afar? Talismans are throw-able cards that allow you to cast spells from the card instead of yourself. Whilst the card is travelling in the air, charging a spell will stop it in place. Moving too far away from the card or throwing another will destroy the original card.

The Gear gauge is used to measure the travel distance of a card when it has been thrown. After throwing a card, the gauge will fill, and once the gauge fills, the card will stop travelling.


Specifically designed for Sonnetists, Tubas can quickly spread physical, damaging sound waves that bounce around and scatter carnage. While it is difficult to aim where the sound waves go exactly (unlike the Longhorn), the speed of which the sound waves are produced makes up for their unpredictability.

The Gear gauge for this weapon is Tempo. As damage is dealt, Tempo is slowly built up, and attack speed increases. By using the “Sharp” skill given by Sonnetist's Equip Skill “Sharp”, you can release a mighty piercing shockwave that knocks back smaller enemies and damages anything that survives. Using Sharp empties the Gear gauge.


Sacrificing the fast-firing sound waves of the Tuba, the Longhorn is designed to ensure that your deadly sound waves are heard by your targets thanks to higher accuracy, homing properties, and the ability to imbue sound waves with elements. Perfect for larger targets.

The Gear gauge for this weapon is Tempo. As damage is dealt, Tempo is slowly built up, and attack speed increases. By using the “Sharp” skill given by Sonnetist's Equip Skill “Sharp”, you can launch multiple sonic balls into the air that relentlessly track and tear their target apart. Using Sharp empties the Gear gauge.



Equippable by any class, Gunblades can switch from a blade to a pistol with a single button press. Some Grand Arts' attacks are affected by the state of the Gunblade, so experiment to see what is different.

Quest Exclusive

Some quests will require you to equip a special weapon that will override your normal weapons.

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