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This wiki is far from complete, but I will not be opening registrations and enabling editing until I get the game to a more complete state. Once available, editing will require you to register for an account. I understand that one of the benefits of a wiki is that anyone can edit them, but anonymous vandalism is a PITA to deal with.

sonickyle on Roblox


The Guide

This is essentially an overview guide for Eternal Nova, and a starting point for where everything branches out.



Eternal Nova automatically saves progress in the background and when you disconnect from the server.


The first time you play Eternal Nova, depending on the platform you are playing on you may be asked to adjust your overscan settings. Follow the instructions on-screen to correctly adjust the overscan area then press OK to continue.

This is in place to make sure that on TVs and misconfigured monitors that user interface (UI) elements do not go off the sides of the screen, but it also allows for padding to be adjusted around the UI in case you would like the UI to be closer to the centre of the screen.


Eternal Nova will attempt to choose the best user interfce scaling option for your screen resolution after changing your overscan settings. If the example given on the screen is uncomfortably small or comically large, the scale can be adjusted here. This affects all UIs in the game.

Title Screen

The title screen displays several menu entries.


Continue playing Eternal Nova with your previously used character.

Select Character

Select a character from a list of your created characters.

New Character

Begin to create a new character.


Change settings that are not specific to characters, such as display settings, audio settings, and control settings.


Display the credits for who made Eternal Nova.


If you have obtained any rewards in Collaboration Games on the Roblox platform, you can use this to retrieve and send them to your characters.

Creating a Character

When creating a character, you are first asked to select a race and gender. Each race has different perks, which are detailed in-game and on the race page. Gender has no effect on anything and is just for aesthetics.


The Knight, Slinger, and Mage classes are able to be selected.

Physical Editing


In lobbies, you can interact with other players.

When entering the game, you start in the Beta Union base lobby on Starius, where you have access to basic shops, the Class Counter, Storage, and a Quest Counter. You can also meet story NPCs. By going to the Landing Pad, you can travel to The Wings of Alpha Nation lobby, where more shops and Alpha Nation officials can be found.

The On Screen Menu

In-universe, the On Screen Menu (OSM) is a device that allows Beta Union members to access their inventory, equipment, social features, their OSM settings, and access to a special shop.

On a keyboard, press the Right Control Key to open the OSM. On mobile, press the OSM touch button. On a controller, press in the Right Stick.


Browse the items in your inventory. This allows you to browse the weapons, armour, battle tools, goods and materials that you current have in your inventory.


Change various equippable items. The window that appears has the following tabs:

  • Weapons: change the weapons and Grand Arts set in the weapon pallete.
  • Armour: change your equipped armour.
  • Weapon Pallete: [what is this doing here?]
  • Cosmetics: Cosmetic items including costumes and accessories can be changed herem
  • Weapon Sheath: the sheath position of individual weapons can be changed here.


Interact with other Eternal Nova players. The window that appears has the following tabs:

  • Party: provides various party related controls.
    • Party Member List: shows a list of current party members.
    • Quest Information: shows the details of the currently active quest.
    • Emergency Code info: if any emergency codes are active, further details of them can be seen here.
    • Party Leader Controls: if you are the leader of the current party, controls to kick members, change the leader, and disband the party can be found in here.
  • Contacts: a list of saved contacts can be found here. This is separate from your Roblox friends list. An option is provided in here allows you to invite friends to Eternal Nova for rewards.
  • Previous: players that you have previously interacted with will be listed here.
  • Mailbox: access your mailbox.


Modify settings to your liking.

Gem Shop

Purchase various game enhancements.

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