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 Many spells allow you to continue moving whilst charging. Many spells allow you to continue moving whilst charging.
 + • Fire Magic
 + ○ Fireball: Basic fireball magic. Fire a condensed ball of flame that travels in a straight line. Power: 100%. GP cost: 20.
 + ○ Fireburst: Instant fire-based explosion magic. Explode the target with a fiery explosion. Deals more damage on weak points, and can also damage other enemies caught in the explosion. Power: 85%. GP cost: 30.
 + ○ Fireblock: Advanced firewall magic. Summon a wall of fire from the ground that lasts for 8 seconds. Power: 50%. GP cost: 40.
 + ○ Fireboost: Fire-based buff magic. Increases the attack power of any friendly player affected by the magic by up to 20% for a limited time. GP cost: 25.
 + • Ice Magic
 + ○ Icespikes: Basic ground ice spikes magic. Fire a line of ice spikes that form on top of the ground. Power: 100%. GP cost: 18.
 + ○ Iceburst: Instant iceburst magic. Create a burst of ice on the target. Only damages the target, but causes increased damage on weak points and breakable parts. Power: 90%. GP cost: 26.
 + ○ Iceblade: Advanced ice blade magic. Enhance your melee weapon with a magical ice blade that causes additional ice damage on melee strikes. Breaks after 10 strikes or switching weapon.
 + ○ Iceboost: Ice-based buff magic. Increases the defence power of any friendly player affected by the magic by up to 20% for a limited time. GP cost: 25.
 + • Lightning Magic
 + ○ Lightningbolt: Basic lightning bolt magic. Summons a basic lightning bolt from the air to strike the target. Power: 100%. GP cost: 30.
 + ○ Lightningfield: Suction lightning magic. Creates a field of magnetism, sucking in anything that enters the field. GP cost: 35.
 + ○ Lightningbird: Advanced lightning-based travel magic. Transform into a bird of lightning and travel forward a fixed distance whilst shocking anything that comes into contact. Power: 30%. GP cost: 10.
 + ○ Lightningcharge: Lightning-based speed-boosting magic. Multiples the run speed of friendly player around you by up to an additional 10%. Effect does not stack, but does increase the duration. GP cost: 20.
 + • Wind Magic
 + ○ Windblast: Basic wind blast magic. Fire a piercing blast of air that staggers anything caught in the travelling wind. Power: 100%. GP cost: 25.
 + ○ Windgale: Effect-boosting wind magic. Deals no damage, but instead dramatically increases the effect affliction rates of any friendly player inside the gale. GP cost: 35.
 + ○ Windburst: Advanced wind burst magic. Fire a short-range blast of air. Deals strong knockback and stagger to enemies. Increased damage when hitting weak points.
 + • Light Magic
 + ○ Lightrain: Basic light shard magic. Rain down physical light shards on the target from above. Power: 100%. GP cost: 20.
 + ○ Lightcharge: Thrown light grenade magic. Throw a magic ball of light that explodes on contact and stuns enemies caught in the blast. Power: 80% GP cost: 35
 + ○ Lightstab: Advanced light spear magic. Create a spear of light and charge into enemies with it, then explode the spear into several shards that can deal additional damage.
 + ○ Lightcalm: Light-based healing magic. Heal any friendly players around you with the power of light. GP cost: 50.
 + • Dark Magic
 + ○ Darkbound: Basic dark projectile magic. Fires a ball of dark magic in a straight line, bouncing off anything it hits before exploding. Power: 100%. GP cost: 25.
 + ○ Darksign: Dark-based curse magic. Curse the target so that they deal 75% of their normal damage for a limited amount of time. Repeat casts do not stack but do reset the duration. GP cost: 40
 + ○ Darktrap: Advanced dark-based trap magic. Lay a trap on the ground that binds small enemies that step on it and then causes damage with a explosion of darkness. Larger enemies will only be damaged. GP cost: 35
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