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This wiki is far from complete, but I will not be opening registrations and enabling editing until I get the game to a more complete state. Once available, editing will require you to register for an account. I understand that one of the benefits of a wiki is that anyone can edit them, but anonymous vandalism is a PITA to deal with.

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Grand Arts

While basic attacks can deal some damage, weaving Grand Arts into your attack rotation can make you a more fearsome force.

Physical Grand Arts


Normal Attack

A basic 3-slash combo.


Normal Attack

A basic 3-slash combo.


Normal Attack

A basic 3-stab combo.


Normal Attack Melee

A basic 3-slash combo.

Normal Attack Ranged

A basic 3-shot combo, with a single bullet per shot.


Normal Attack

A basic 3-stab combo.


Normal Attack

A basic 3-shot combo, with three bullets per shot.

Normal Attack Single Bullet

A basic 3-shot combo, with a single bullet per shot. Each bullet does more damage.


Normal Attack

A basic 3-shot combo, with a single shell per shot.


Normal Attack

A basic 3-shot combo, with a single grenade per shot.

Bullet Bows

Normal Attack

A basic 3-projectile combo, with a single arrow per shot if uncharged, and two arrows fired in succession on a fully charged shot.


Normal Attack

A basic 3-swing combo.


Normal Attack

A basic 3-projectile combo.


Normal Attack

A basic 3-sound combo, with three sound waves per shot.


Normal Attack

A basic 3-sound combo, with two sound waves per shot.


Those that cast spells will use these Grand Arts almost exclusively. Many can either be fired uncharged or charged, which in most changes changes the behavior of the spell as well as its effectiveness.

Many spells allow you to continue moving whilst charging.


• Fire Magic
	○ Fireball: Basic fireball magic. Fire a condensed ball of flame that travels in a straight line. Power: 100%. GP cost: 20.
	○ Fireburst: Instant fire-based explosion magic. Explode the target with a fiery explosion. Deals more damage on weak points, and can also damage other enemies caught in the explosion. Power: 85%. GP cost: 30.
	○ Fireblock: Advanced firewall magic. Summon a wall of fire from the ground that lasts for 8 seconds. Power: 50%. GP cost: 40.
	○ Fireboost: Fire-based buff magic. Increases the attack power of any friendly player affected by the magic by up to 20% for a limited time. GP cost: 25.
• Ice Magic
	○ Icespikes: Basic ground ice spikes magic. Fire a line of ice spikes that form on top of the ground. Power: 100%. GP cost: 18.
	○ Iceburst: Instant iceburst magic. Create a burst of ice on the target. Only damages the target, but causes increased damage on weak points and breakable parts. Power: 90%. GP cost: 26.
	○ Iceblade: Advanced ice blade magic. Enhance your melee weapon with a magical ice blade that causes additional ice damage on melee strikes. Breaks after 10 strikes or switching weapon.
	○ Iceboost: Ice-based buff magic. Increases the defence power of any friendly player affected by the magic by up to 20% for a limited time. GP cost: 25.
• Lightning Magic
	○ Lightningbolt: Basic lightning bolt magic. Summons a basic lightning bolt from the air to strike the target. Power: 100%. GP cost: 30.
	○ Lightningfield: Suction lightning magic. Creates a field of magnetism, sucking in anything that enters the field. GP cost: 35.
	○ Lightningbird: Advanced lightning-based travel magic. Transform into a bird of lightning and travel forward a fixed distance whilst shocking anything that comes into contact. Power: 30%. GP cost: 10.
	○ Lightningcharge: Lightning-based speed-boosting magic. Multiples the run speed of friendly player around you by up to an additional 10%. Effect does not stack, but does increase the duration. GP cost: 20.
• Wind Magic
	○ Windblast: Basic wind blast magic. Fire a piercing blast of air that staggers anything caught in the travelling wind. Power: 100%. GP cost: 25.
	○ Windgale: Effect-boosting wind magic. Deals no damage, but instead dramatically increases the effect affliction rates of any friendly player inside the gale. GP cost: 35.
	○ Windburst: Advanced wind burst magic. Fire a short-range blast of air. Deals strong knockback and stagger to enemies. Increased damage when hitting weak points.
• Light Magic
	○ Lightrain: Basic light shard magic. Rain down physical light shards on the target from above. Power: 100%. GP cost: 20.
	○ Lightcharge: Thrown light grenade magic. Throw a magic ball of light that explodes on contact and stuns enemies caught in the blast. Power: 80% GP cost: 35
	○ Lightstab: Advanced light spear magic. Create a spear of light and charge into enemies with it, then explode the spear into several shards that can deal additional damage.
	○ Lightcalm: Light-based healing magic. Heal any friendly players around you with the power of light. GP cost: 50.
• Dark Magic
	○ Darkbound: Basic dark projectile magic. Fires a ball of dark magic in a straight line, bouncing off anything it hits before exploding. Power: 100%. GP cost: 25.
	○ Darksign: Dark-based curse magic. Curse the target so that they deal 75% of their normal damage for a limited amount of time. Repeat casts do not stack but do reset the duration. GP cost: 40
	○ Darktrap: Advanced dark-based trap magic. Lay a trap on the ground that binds small enemies that step on it and then causes damage with a explosion of darkness. Larger enemies will only be damaged. GP cost: 35
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