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This wiki is far from complete, but I will not be opening registrations and enabling editing until I get the game to a more complete state. Once available, editing will require you to register for an account. I understand that one of the benefits of a wiki is that anyone can edit them, but anonymous vandalism is a PITA to deal with.

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Class Overview Guide

A class is what defines the offensive characteristics of a Beta Union member. Classes can use various different weapons and skills.

There are currently six (planned) different classes planned for Eternal Nova. The Standard Classes will be unlocked as soon as you create your character, whilst the Special Classes will require prerequisites to be fulfilled first.

This page gives an overview of each class. Each class has its own page that goes into more detail about what each class can do.

Standard Classes

Unlocked right from the start, each class can hold their own, and can suit a range of playstyles and roles.


Honoured as the bastions of the Alpha Nation's defense, Knights protect the frontline at all costs. They are most known for their ability to swing giant weapons of destruction to pulverize anything that threatens themselves or Alpha Nation. For new recruits of Alpha Nation, they are a commonly chosen class.

Forward, The Pastimage

The Knight is a melee orientated class that can use Greatswords, Partisans and Gunblades. They can deal the pain and take it too, but their melee weapons restrict their range.


Many years ago, Slingers worked primarily in the shadows, away from the Alpha Nation's observation. They were silent and were oft controversial for their dubious operations. Nowadays while many still work as freelancers, there are a select few that dedicate themselves to Alpha Nation's cause to protect themselves and their fellow Slingers with their deadly firearms.

Forward, The Pastimage

The Slinger is a ranged orientated class that can use Rifles, Burstguns, Launchers, and Gunblades. Their long range attacks are great at picking out foes from afar, but they can be fragile.


Etherweavers, commonly known as Mages by many, were created from a passion for investigating what makes up the universe - Ether. A band of newly-formed Mages however seeked even more power, and were able to stumble upon a more powerful, delicate energy source known as Grand Ether. This Grand Ether is what powers Alpha Nation's members in battle, including the Mages, which benefit more from this Grand Ether than anyone else ever could.

Forward, The Pastimage

The Mage is a magic orientated class that can use Rods, Talismans and Gunblades. Their large range of spells allows them to adapt to any situation, but they can burn though their GP quickly.

Special Classes

While not unlocked at first, these advanced classes excel in specific areas but also have various weaknesses.


There were a few that believed that the Knight could evolve into a greater form to overcome the class's many weaknesses. While many of these theories were dismissed, one dedicated Knight proved that by modifying and changing out specific weapon types that the Knights were well known for opened up new combat strategies and techniques that would benefit all Knights. However many stuck with their old weapons, which forced the demiurgic vanguard to abandon their duty and disappear to fates unknown.

Evolve, The Pastimage

The Vanguard is advanced melee/ranged orientated class that uses Pikes, Piles, Bullet Bows and Gunblades. They can tackle any foe from almost any distance, but in terms of attack speed, most of Breakers' weapon types can be slow to use.


The Railgun was a natural evolution of the Rifle to Beta Union. A certain scientist theorised that electricity can be used to power a ranged weapon, making it capable of firing projectiles at such a velocity that more conventional Ether-based weapons couldn't. Unfortunately, due to the safety concerns surrounding the weapon, the environmental damage the weapon was able to cause during testing, and the weapon requiring a significant amount of electricity to power, the Railgun has been in research & development hell since its original testing phase. The project is now assumed to be dead.

Discovery, The Pastimage

The Railkeeper is an advanced ranged orientated class that relies on the Railgun, a powerful weapon that fires projectiles that can pierce enemies with extreme accuracy. If required, the standard Gunblade can be used for melee and ranged attacks.


Appearing from parts unknown, a lone Sonnetist approached the Eternal Park in Initus, sat down near Initus' “Corruptor Vanquish” status, and played a glorious melody never heard before. Those who heard the Sonnetist's song played through the aspected Tuba - particularly Etherweavers, felt even closer to the Grand Ether than ever before. Many Etherweavers continued their studies into the Grand Ether afterwards, whilst others went on a different path to become Sonnetists, believing that doing so will grant greater untapped knowledge of Grand Ether.

Evolve, The Pastimage

The Sonnetist is an advanced class that uses the power of sound to control the battlefield by buffing allies and disrupting foes. This magic based class can use a tuba to scatter physical sound waves for croud control, a longhorn to imbue sound waves with magical elements, and the standard Gunblade for melee and ranged attacks.

Deprecated Classes

These are classes which are not available to those that have not trained into these classes when they were once avaliable. These classes are made unavailable for various reasons, either because of obsolescence, lack of intrest, or fatal dangers with them.


A class that wields a giant shield with the weapon type name of the Greatshield, which requires two hands to comfortably lift.

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