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 +===== Slinger =====
 +<WRAP right 250px>
 +^{{ :​icons:​slingericon64.png?​nolink |}}||
 +|Unlocked:​|From start|
 +|Usable Weapons:​|Rifles,​ Burstguns, Launchers, Gunblades|
 +|Attack Types:​|R-ATK|
 +<​blockquote>​Many years ago, Slingers worked primarily in the shadows, away from the Alpha Nation'​s observation. They were silent and were oft controversial for their dubious operations. Nowadays while many still work as freelancers,​ there are a select few that dedicate themselves to Alpha Nation'​s cause to protect themselves and their fellow Slingers with their deadly firearms.
 +<​cite>​Forward,​ The Pastimage</​cite>​
 +The Slinger is a ranged orientated class that can use Rifles, Burstguns, Launchers, and Gunblades. Their long range attacks are great at picking out foes from afar, but they can be fragile.
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