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 +===== Mage =====
 +<WRAP right 250px>
 +^{{ :icons:mageicon64.png?nolink |}}||
 +|Unlocked:|From start|
 +|Usable Weapons:|Rods, Talismans, Gunblades|
 +|Attack Types:|M-ATK|
 +<blockquote>Etherweavers, commonly known as Mages by many, were created from a passion for investigating what makes up the universe - Ether. A band of newly-formed Mages however seeked even more power, and were able to stumble upon a more powerful, delicate energy source known as Grand Ether. This Grand Ether is what powers Alpha Nation's members in battle, including the Mages, which benefit more from this Grand Ether than anyone else ever could.
 +<cite>Forward, The Pastimage</cite>
 +The Mage is a magic orientated class that can use Rods, Talismans and Gunblades. Their large range of spells allows them to adapt to any situation, but they can burn though their GP quickly.
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