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This wiki is far from complete, but I will not be opening registrations and enabling editing until I get the game to a more complete state. Once available, editing will require you to register for an account. I understand that one of the benefits of a wiki is that anyone can edit them, but anonymous vandalism is a PITA to deal with.

sonickyle on Roblox


Discord Server

Below is the link for the official Eternal Nova Discord server. While this server has a publically available link, this is more of a private server dedicated for development purposes. I've opened this server mainly so people can report bugs but I'll open up the other text channels at a later point.

IT IS INTENTIONAL THAT YOU CANNOT CHAT IN THE “Text Channels” CATEGORY AT THIS TIME. That'll soon change when I feel that the server is ready for people to join and that the game is in a more functional state. For now, use the “Early Joiners” category.

Use this invite link to join the server. Before I had the server embed on this page, but I've removed it for privacy reasons. I'm looking at alternate chat platforms. Riot/Matrix and IRC are possible candidates for places I'd set up a server/channel on.

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