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This wiki is far from complete, but I will not be opening registrations and enabling editing until I get the game to a more complete state. Once available, editing will require you to register for an account. I understand that one of the benefits of a wiki is that anyone can edit them, but anonymous vandalism is a PITA to deal with.

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The music of noVa

At this time, pretty much all of the music isn't mine. I'm looking to change this in the future however, but for now, placeholders are a-plenty. Still, I am using some pretty cool music as placeholders, which are listed below.

The benefit of using module files is that I can use them to test the “Vonpose” system that I'm creating for noVa. Basically, it takes various sequences from a module and rearranges them in real time depending on the current gameplay situation, such as the amount of enemies, the types of enemies, and various other environmental factors. While somewhat RNG influenced, it will be coded to try and keep everything coherent.

On The Mod Archive, you can use the online player to listen to these tracks without having to download special tracker software. While that is convenient, using OpenMPT is a lot better and nicer on your CPU.

pls don't sue I'm not making any money until these placeholders are all removed k thx bye

Assets are used in compliance with the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 creative commons license and The Mod Archive's Mod Archive distribution license.

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